The first question a winegrower must ask himself is what kind of wine will this earth give me?. How to nurture the vine and create a balanced habitat that allows the vine to express itself at its best. This is our work.

My father took most of the work, but I truly felt a relationship with soil, plants, grapes and the responsibility we have as human beings.

The total absence of corrective measures, crushing in the old fashioned way, rendering this wine a true reflection of my grapes in this vintage year

A trip through the biodiversity of Italy: Glera, Verdicchio and Gaglioppo.

What are Amphorae wines? “They are truly artisanal containers: if you have to clean the vessel, you have to go inside the vessel. This makes for a more emotional process and requires more effort. It’s you and the clay vessel, that is all”.

Natural wines makes bottles that are sisters but never twins”, every bottle is similar but different.

Celebrating the #rawwineweek 2017 with so many amazing “Meet The Winegrowers” events and a lot of learning from our Mavericks! Cheers!.

What is special about wines from “Vulcan Soil”? Come, ask and experience with the producer! Featuring “Aglianico del Vulture” a native grape from Basilicata that takes the name from the extinct Volcano “Monte Vulture”.

Project of love made together with Crown Finish Caves that involves the marriage of our Italian orange wine and some artisanal cheesemakers from New York, Vermont and Italy.

An amazing tasting featuring the crew from Crown Finish Caves, the artisanal cheesemakers and vignaioli friends including Sasa Radikon, Elena Pantaleoni, Francesco Cirelli and Massimiliano Croci.

Have & Meyer supports the soul of cheese during the national Raw Milk Appreciation Day.

“When you pasteurize milk, you deprive it of its soul.” (Carlo Petrini, founder of Slow Food)

“My wines don’t come from a market strategy, I have always followed my heart and intuit trying to make something that my land’s grape didn’t express before, always respecting the land.

From Lombardy to Tuscany regions enjoy the beauty of biodiversity  in a glass with six natural winegrowers.

Fabrizio Iuli from Piemonte will pour his three versions of honest Barbera, Nebbiolo and Pinot Noir by the glass.

During a delicious brunch Angelo and Letizia Fongoli will introduce us the grapes from Umbria Region pouring Sagrantino and Trebbiano Maceratum

Matteo from Cefalicchio farm (Puglia) pouring their biodynamic wines and sharing how their winemaking philosophy goes far beyond todays trend.

Meet & Drink night featuring eigth “raw winegrowers” from Italy & Spain pouring their unique raw wines and explaining their idea of natural wine.

Two powerful women sharing their biodynamic and organic vision in making their “territory” wines.