About us

About us

Have and Meyer
Vineria Naturale con cucina
is a “natural wine bar”
and Italian restaurant

Our Italian wines come from conscious winegrowers and reflect their unique personality together with their hard work, heart and passion. We serve more than 100 natural wines by the glass, giving you the opportunity to try something you may have missed otherwise.

What is most important to us is the very close relationship with our small producers and winegrowers. We love to meet them and see how they cultivate the ingredients that we love. We all share the same values of sustainability, respect for the soil and the biodiversity of our planet Earth. We learn from each other and we grow together.

We like to define our cuisine as “Slow Food inspired” because we believe in the Values of good, clean and fair food. The ingredients we use for our plates are sourced in a sustainable way. They reflect the close relationships that, time after time, we build with local farmers, cheesemakers, brewers and all the artisans that are truly committed to our same goal.

There is a story behind
every bottle and every single
ingredient we use and this
is what we love to do and fulfill
our heart with emotions.